Friday, March 04, 2016


Friend's of a friend dropped in the other day, a pleasure to meet them,
One of the ladies, Hazel wrote this about us.
Amazing to see yourself through other people's eyes.
Hazel caught all the little things I love about living here in India along the way, there is always something to see.
And in the workshop, me with brow furrowed in concentration and a photo I love of Praveen laughing. We both spend quite a bit of time cracking up together- amongst furrowed brows!
She has a good eye for detail, thanks Hazel :)
Yes our workshop is an amazing place, thanks for the reminder.

I am sorry to be hitting you with multiple images via Instagram...something wrong this week but now sorted.
 Amazing things you find in the vegie market- these are carrots- almost black on the outside, once peeled and cut the aroma was super sweet carrotness and taste extra sweet. An old heirloom type variety, what a pale comparison to what you generally find in the market.
 A not so new block, I have been trying to catch up to for a while. Design by offers such variety for print, and stitch.....I can't wait to catch up with it....
 One of the resons we have been so busy os our work in collaboration with Gaelle of Anjel MS based in Fremantle. The first delivery went almost before it got out of the boxes and so more has been made, and yet getting pictures of our work out in the big wide world.
Praveen and I are still reaping benefits from our Mumbai event, being asked who are you and what do you do, gave us a chance to think it through a bit.
Wednesday - our Sunday we had lunch out and enjoyed talking about where we have come together. We have learnt to be more friendly with each other over the years, laugh a lot more than cry or fight. I think that is what I love about the picture of Praveen, there is my man, he can just crack up with laughter now, so much more than the man I met all those years ago....I think I have also grown in a similar way. Lovely to be free to become a lot more silly with the years, it makes it so much easier to get through all those moments of furrowed brows.


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