Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Headed to Oz

You can see from all the pictures cropping up we have been rushing along like crazy.
I catch a plane to Oz in a few hours.
Putting on my TSP the first week with a shop at Context in the Blue Mountains.... and then a week at the beach house with friends and family, probably all they will send from my is a sleeping lump!
We've been pushing it hard.
Praveen is home looking after our busy workshop and putting the finishing touches on his eldest daughter's wedding. What a long and complicated process is an Indian wedding.
I am not much practical help but keep patting him on the back, he is doing a great job and once it is over we will both be pleased to have done so well by her. She is a wonderful young woman, A real rock for Praveen in many ways, first in our Indian family to get into Uni and has then gone on to do very well. We're so pleased to make this a good experience for her.
Wedding takes place just after I get back and will look magical.
Once that is over we are home and realise lying free for the summer months. Yippee hope to be able to loll around and swelter with not ttoooooooooo much to do.
All things are great. Workshop very busy, tours filling up fast just so much of it all at once.
I fully believe that 'the Universe', God, Gods how ever you like to describe the way things seem to magically line up if you let it, take notice of the little clues, be brave enough to take the jump.  Think I need to be clear and ask for guidance/help in delegating and clearing a path for   a good assistant to arrive.
Interesting times.
Take care all, take a risk the ride is amazing.

Meet Honey Cow, she lives in the workshop neighbourhood always friendly, always relaxed my little role model.  Xx Honey.

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