Sunday, April 24, 2016

home at last

Our busy, busy spell ...well 6 months of being manic is just about at an end.
Summer is here [ only 37 degrees C today...or 106 F if you want to sound scary] so not toooooo bad yet. we are kind of home bodies until August or September....seems a luxury to think of it.
Just did a visit to Oz, it was supposed to be relaxing, chill out time but I have come back feeling exhausted and feeling like I was running the whole time.
I certainly packed things into it.

Zac helped me at Context Art in the Blue Mountains, it was great to meet up with lots of old friends and time to sit and stitch with him....we are working on an exhibition for next year. Off the Wall is the working title, it is evolving to be a collaboration and kind of extension of the influences we have on each other....
His interest in graffiti got me looking and photographing it all over the world, loving the textures and patina as it ages and more is added on....sort of a metaphor for life....we are working in a similar manner....he starts something I nudge, I have an idea he edits.....looking interesting, much to do and rather exciting to see where it leads us.
Visited my baby's farm, such a beautiful location. he is madly working to fix fences and clearing ground to start a home on it. Happy boy.
 Spent time with my biggest boy and his little family, our grandson is at that smiling wriggling stage, such a bundle of fun.

and we had a week at the beach house we all love, it was relaxing, I slept a lot and just sat and looked at the view, as well as stitching and planning, theoretically I should be all rested and feeling fit as a fiddle but really I think I need 6 months slobbing to catch up on sleep. Oh well nice dream :)
It was lovely to be there...
and then a marathon homewards trip. 4 hours drive to get to airport, 18 hours in transit on planes and the 5 hours driving to arrive in Jaipur at 4.59pm! due to give a talk at Maahi Roj at 5.00pm.
Talk about cutting it fine.
It was a really stimulating evening with the discussions that arose about making, social enterprise rather than charity, sustainable practices and value for work, made by hand rather than cheap, mass produced and throw away.
Making and makers are important.
Glad to be able to make things everyday.
There is our gear in the beautiful AnanTaya shop,

Getting ready to start....
I am pleased we are a business with a strong social agenda, there are women and men we have trained do a good job with care and they earn every penny they are paid and are proud of their results.
It makes me happy to be part of this.

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