Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Books are fun

Praveen is off negotiating. We are trying to buy the house in front of the workshop. We have dreamed of a  library, one day a preschool/ junior school and more workshop space....we want to lease 1 year then buy next year.... now we need to save more money but it available now and is perfect for our dreams.
Fingers crossed, make a wish for us, say a little prayer or rub a rabbits foot ( preferably with rabbit attached! )
A library we have been inching towards for a long time.... given out many books and then I was sick and low for many months last year things slowed down.
We're both on top of the world again and this is knocking on our door.
Opportunity only knocks once so we are jumping.
Onto that hoping thing again.
Timing is looking good. A local woman  has been volunteering with us, helping with training and managing quality control with our women.
She grew up with libraries and it is something she misses for herself and her kids,.... she knows a number of younger families around our area who are similar, one parent from afar...
We might have a little gang of support and help to get it up and running.
I need volunteer help to cover books, keep it organized and more importantly work on ways to draw local women to be involved, books can be daunting when you have not grown up with them and or had  access to education. Local schools don't have libraries: books are only there as exercise books and not to be enjoyed... we have heaps of books already and my shelves of books at home could come in for adults who read English to get that happening too.
I have lots of craft books that gave been given to me over the years.
If women are bringing their kids perfect opportunity to use for health and women's issues info to be available.
Just trying to get a space.
Exciting to be dreaming and working on a practical manifestation of it.

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Dijanne Cevaal said...

So hope this comes off for you- many things crossed :-)