Saturday, May 28, 2016

another day in summer

I am not sure what it is this does not feel as hot?
Confusing. I have hot flushes going anyway and then our intense heat of late I am always a walking ball of sweat!
Thank goodness for small mercies.
Hot weather means the telephone and internet don't work as well as one would hope, computers go slow as they don't like it either.
Just took 2 days to load the itinerary and images on our "Indian Inspiration Creative Camp" page! Done now- let me know if you see any typos :)

I love this image of Dijanne and I, neither comfortable being photographed but the fun of bouncing off each other and coming up with a good idea shows, I think.
Hey Dijanne- NUDGE!!  and thanks.
This beautiful embroidery by C is also special to me, it came about from her interaction with Sanju and Sujani embroidery.... if it was actually in front of you, you would be able to see its subtle and delicate stitch. Magical piece.
Just a workshop day, no water delivered by government so all tanks are empty and we have to go up the road and carry water for drinking.... yes I know a lot of India does but we are in an area where there are pipes.
I have our pattern guy tweaking a coat pattern for me
We did the 3/4 sleeve shell coat last year and it looks absolutely brilliant on some people and sits really weird on others, so I am keeping the neckline and 3/4 sleeves but recutting the body on a princess line and it will suit a whole lot more body types.
Dropped off a heap of indigo work yesterday and waiting to see how he goes with some new ideas.
This is Samsuddin the guy we get our glasses from {Praveen is devastated he needs glasses all the time now... or more likely because I call him an old man who needs glasses!
We were chatting with Samsuddin and saying what can we do with all our old ones- there is a bag full in the cupboard, he said he gives old glasses to people in need, they just pay for the lens they need and once a year he helps at a camp further out in the desert. So send your old glasses to us we will pass them along.
Brilliant, hey?
Books are Fun Library Update.
had to laugh this morning, I was hassling Praveen, asking when do we get it??? .... he explains this is India, we have shown the slightest interest in the property we now have to wait, so they think we have lost interest and come asking us, so the price is more reasonable. First price was about double the best offer they could reasonabley ever hope to get for the property.
Mean while I am to be patient and look uninterested! ME!!! who does he think he is married to??
so I can speak to you but otherwise it is "Oh , what library?"
 keep crossing those fingers, please.


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