Monday, June 06, 2016

Running in circles.

Got a new computer for the office- the old one was so slow, office guy used to cry...I just scream!
So new one comes, I have to have a Microsoft account to access it- Windows 10 thank you very much!!
I successfully download Microsoft office on it and then fetch all our files from the cloud.
We subscribe to Microsoft 365 for file sharing and back up of everything- when it works it is great, it did crash twice last year and I lost all our photos from many years tours. GRRRR
all seems fine again now.
So Saturday night I was feeling rather happy- all set up and ready to go, Sunday I could actually get stuck into some new work.
Sign into new computer on Sunday only to be told- I have forgotten the password.
Not ##%%!! likely. I am anal about writing everything down because I forget things.

So after an hour on the phone with a techy, filling password reset numerous times I am told bugger off, can't reset password, can't open new computer.
Techy did have price at hand to but windows 10 again to reinstall and reset computer.

Let him go , and worked out how to reset the computer here, and now sitting next to it whilst I once again down load everything.
This costs a fortune in internet time!!
and my time.
so I am writing you a story- boring isn't it?
Here are some pretty pictures of what else we have been doing- re-tweaked our website
Happy with the new shop we have set up- the thingy that has an inventory working through Etsy, so easy to manage... we are doing the 5.00am photo shoots and will have more stock soon.

Excitement in the next few weeks Anna Reynolds is coming as artist-in-residence, I know it will be fun and stimulating. something to look forward to.
Thank you, thank you to all those who helped out with taking stuff off our hands.
There is a mountain of envelopes stuffed with hand made bits and pieces, too good to throw away.
I hope the handloom opens peoples eyes to the wonderful quality of one of India's treasures- khadi cotton.
Yes I am addict, trying to infect others...I justify it by saying how wonderful the cloth is and when fairly traded it keeps tradition alive and feeds families.
I will keep the listing FREE TO A GOOD HOME  an add more when we have bits that are too much for me to think up a new use and too good to throw away.


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