Saturday, June 04, 2016

Free to a good home.

 Last year I was so happy with these bag, belt and quilt ideas
I have the gang at the workshop sorting all offcuts each day from the cutting room....
we have just been having a major sort out of the mountain of offcuts etc.
Many can go into our quilts etc, as above, but others I just need to say "Enough, already!!!"
mostly to myself and very loudly.

 Thing is these are all hand work, either lovingly hand spun, hand woven or party saris, hand stitched- jewel bright or beautiful silk cotton, block printed.
You can't just throw them out can you?
 So I have hassled Praveen to agree- he does think it a bit weird.
Free to a good home- just pay post.
 These are great scraps which would be good in crazy patchwork, make great clothes for dolls, be lovingly stitched into amulets....
a million ideas.
The silks cotton offcuts would make a wonderful postage stamp quilt, think of running your hands over that and snuggling up?
This is dhoti khadi cotton- the same cloth old guys warp around themselves like a big nappy/sarong thing.
beautiful weight to layer and stitch, imagine first dropping it into your natural dye pots, tea stains...ohh loveliness I have no time to indulge in!
I have listed them in our Etsy shop and plan to pop more in as I go.
get them out there - let them transform into something beautiful.

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