Thursday, June 30, 2016


We really are a sweat shop today.
I like to make jokes about it because we are so un-used to humidity, but a few showers of rain and we are all wilting.
Not enough rain to ensure a crop but it is a start and we all hope the Gods will be kind, break this drought, please!
My glasses keep steaming up.
Our artist-in-residence, Anna Reynolds is a tough cookie, she keeps on going and is working up a storm, piles of samples, raiding the offcuts piles transforming sari silk offcuts into spectacular jacket, shrug type things.... playing with her new wood blocks, a very happy visitor.
Lots of fun and laughs abound.
 We've been out to see our old mate Om-ji and order some handmade shoes, it has been ages, in fact not since our Indian Inspiration Creative Camp When we work it out we say " Tthhhhhaaattttt Looooonnnnggg- doesn't time fly?"

Madly, madly working, new samples need to be made...I am trying to bring an element of handstitch into our khadi work, it is an extra little touch, I love the texture and lift it gives items and most importantly it involves our women and creating work for them.
Got a suggestion from someone who would like to organize trunk shows in the US, like a Tupperware party idea [that is how I would describe it as an Ozzie] we make up a kit of our latest samples, it is purchased by the person who will organize parties- party leader! sounds like a good title. Orders are taken and we then make and send to party leader who delivers.
Do you have experience with such ideas, comments suggestions very much appreciated :)
Praveen is steaming up his glasses sorting out silk for the etsy has slowed down and when we look that is because it is nearly empty!! Heard back from many who have received our little envelopes of offcuts and such, can't wait now to see what they do with them!
Got a new office guy, who seems to be working out well, early days but please, please, please let it be true.
Accurate record keeping is so important but being left to me, I have no time for the juicy, interesting stuff and I must admit I get grumpy and frustrated not following up my ideas and making new things.
Funny year, we had so many names on our Rajasthan Tour list for this year at this time last year, yet now the we are not certain we have enough to run- what happened?
Hopefully they all turn up this week or we might have to pull the plug, frustrating for those already on the bus and us who so love the trip and seeing our mates and finding new and interesting things.
Ghana tour is looking healthier but still got a few seats- been blissing out following a Ghana food blog...some tasty things to fuel fabric lust and craft adventures
Praveen nearly has a new pile of pictures to add to etsy so I must be off....
Grrrr pattern making guy, stockroom guy and print guy did not turn up....I so rely on our staff to find things these days....with the rain staff get called out to the fields to help the family cutting guy is here and making up some new samples for me, so that is a little good.
Stay tuned.

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