Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Back again and into it!

It is lovely to get away, I hope you have a little sense of being with us when the Instagram pictures comes through.
Such fun
now we are home payback time. Praveen and I  have been working like the train at 6.00am and into the office by 9.00am yesterday.
We have moved mountains, really covered some ground together
perhaps tomorrow we can start to sift through tour details and work on our itinerary, we have a trip by car planned in August to other parts of Gurgurat and then can polish up the new tour
A real pleasure was catching up with Lisa Hall, she lives in Bhuj.
Out of her tiny studio comes beautiful clothes, utilizing the amazing textiles around her she produces well made pieces that would look chic anywhere.
Take a look at some of her work.
Anna our artist-in-residence had a great idea, to ask if the old embroidery she had bought in the village could be given the Madame Hall effect.... we have left the embroidery with Lisa with the request to make a tunic and send it onto Anna, can't wait to see what it looks like.
 Peaking around Lisa's tiny workshop while Anna confers over her bespoke tunic.
We have asked Lisa if this might be a possibility for our guests when we bring our tour group. As young Chritsy, Anna's assistant might say "Totally Awwwwsooommmmme"
I love stepwells and Gurgurat has many, always a sense of peace, found another one to add to our list.
Food is really important, Praveen and I enjoy regional differences, this area with fresh fish is delicious.... this restaurant we went back to twice, Muslin run, the mutton curries and fish fry were amazing.... then in the back of the market and out on the highway are 2 Hindu run vegetarian Guajarati thali places, hard to say which is more delicious....basically spoilt for choose food wise in Gurgurat.

Sunday we were at the Palace in Mandvi, selfie time with lots of friendly locals...all enjoyed it. Love travelling around to see what we might see, now madly sorting out tours for the next few months, trying to get to my new samples....and not making it yet!
lots to do
a good way to be
Do what you love, it makes going to the office and wading through a hard days work easier....
mantra of the moment is "think about being away on tour- like a holiday with friends along"
other one is reminding myself one day soon I will have time to get onto some of the new ideas I have in mind! bursting as usual :)


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