Friday, July 29, 2016


everything is happening, feel like we move mountains each week....then see even more in front of us, perhaps it comes from living so close to the Himalaya.
you can probably piece together the 1000 and one things whirling through my mind from the Instagram snaps and comments- I do try and give clues.

Happy day yesterday.
One of our Ladies has one of our machines in her home, talking of mountains- if you can't bring them to the mountain or machine in this case, take the machine to them.
Electric plugs at her place are wrong size so we are taking along an electrician today, will try to pop in and share proud Mama photos with you... stay tuned.
The second woman we targeted as needing the work and being reliable has been fiddle faddling around... ohh her caste can't sit in a machine room with men to learn. Whist I don't rock the boat too much about outdated ideas I do elbow a little.
People from that caste with husbands who are incapacitated, could spend a little time learning and then work from home and not have to ask relatives for hand-outs. There are quiet a few of us women in the workshop to preserve honour??????
I think she has finally got the idea it is only training and then she works from home on a fast electric machine, money could be good.

My stomach is in knots, we have pushed another step forward to securing space for our library....waiting for the negotiations to proceed...the Indian way is soooooo slow for a fast moving Aussie!

OK off to pack quilts, so pleased we have been selling them on Etsy and need to stitch more. Started the shop through Virb, thinking it would look at bit flasher and finally Etsy starts to be busy. No complaints. Very happy.
Enquiries about our Indian Inspiration Creative Camp brought this fabulous picture to mind of Holi this year....we have found the best place to experience it for visitors. Such fun
I have been a bit distracted this week. I have obsessed over visiting Ethiopia for years and years- I know where it started exactly about 2005, in the Museum Quai Branley in Paris that show cases the art of rest of the world when I entered the display of wall paintings from the Stone Churches....I have kept it on a tight leash as I can get carried away with things, but have been amassing leads, ideas and links....
well I am going to Ghana in January and have 2 choices to fly, one goes through Ethiopia....if I left early I could pop in???
That has gotten bigger than Ben Hur, why not take a bit extra time and sort out a tour and take others, It will be fantastic.... this is how tours always start..... so excited because I want to go, then find all these amazing links- if they sort into place then it was meant to be. Well it has that feel.
Buzzing with excitement.

Shhh and fingers crossed still about the library, work is calling.....more beautiful quilts to come?
How do you make the world a better place, one snuggly quilt at a time. It won't cure everything but any step in the right direction is a good step.
Hugs mates X

Grrr generator just started, hate the noise so I am off to hide upstairs and pack quilt kits.


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Penny said...

I'm not sure how you manage it all. Ethiopia sounds magic, if only I was a bit younger, still I can visit exotic places via your blog.