Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Just quietly.... progress is being made. 

Praveen has got as far as a proper bid on our library space. 

The middleman has said bring cash let's push this to a conclusion. 

All hush, hush

I have to keep saying to myself hush, hush no staring over the fence. 

Praveen indulged me by walking by and stony faced we both just looked at each other and buzzed. 

In a hush, hush way.

And then into Ajmer to order library cards and the envelopes to glue into the back of books. 

Two brothers run the business one, Vipin in blue actually knew about library cards although he has never seen a library. 

Once again I was on strict instructions to look uninterested and what ever cost was way toooooo high. 

Waiting on price but it is happening! !!!!


do keep it hush ,hush but make us a big wish for success. 
Celebratory lassi!!

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