Monday, November 21, 2016

Amazing opportunity

A while ago the wonderful Geetangeli and Auyush Kasliwel of Anantaya connected us to the team of Heritage 365 and we were invited to participate in their event.
It is the first of its kind and we did not know what to expect but thought let's take a chance.
Life has been busy since and now it is time to pack and prepare.
Starting to get a sense of the amazing line up that we are part of. Creme de la creme of artisanal based design here in India.
Pretty amazing to be part of it. madly scrambling to get ready.


India is amazing to watch....huge lines everywhere for cash. The stories circulating in the media here are painting one picture... you would almost expect to see our PM in a superhero cape- certainly a master of spin..... when you read analysis from other parts of the world the picture seems more realistic and less altruistic.... any public figure who questions what the government is doing is quickly tarred - if you don't support the government then obviously you take black money too... misleading the general population might be too ooh easy. oh well.

A benefit that comes out of it for us is that the discussion and requirement that our people get bank accounts and are paid directly into them rather than cash in hand becomes a lot easier. For  our women having a bank account - and for legal purposes it will need to be in their own name is a step towards financial literacy.

Much to do. happy days.

Interesting experience yesterday.  we where interviewing some bigger setups to handle our increased requirements for natural dyed khadi. ... pending orders require a small mountainful. 

First guy we have met before.... we show our samples... he is handling them, asking a thousand questions, taking notes, his mind is ticking over about to replicate the colours... all very exciting to see. price per metre is around the going rate from our experience with othe workshops. his office and staff was buzzing with energy, staff seemed relaxed, focused and comfortable. 

Another workshop I have heard about and from their presence on social media I would have expected a busy informed workshop, knowledgeable about natural dye and able to produce a wide range of work. finally find them after a big run around.... all I hear staff mentioning is foreigner arriving. staff scared to knock on the door of our contact... there seems to be little understanding of our samples, weird restrictions on what they can and can't do, don't really seem to have their own workshop, talking in Hindi about where to get things done .... not able to understand we live and work here for many years. .. rather a big focus on me being foreign and so new to the scene, and then....

 wait for it

The price per metre for what they could offer us is almost 5 times the going rate. yes 5 times.... said that to myself many times in shock. Must be expensive showcasing yourself on social media as a leader in the field, happy to help foreign guests.

Be aware friends. India can offer amazing things and then there are those who sinmply want to take advantage of foreigners. Bloody idiots. Do your homework, ask around.

Rant for the day over... back to stitching a new banner.

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