Thursday, November 24, 2016

Goodness me.

I'll tell you what, the hassles of no cash is almost tooooo  too much.
We've had visitors, been asked questions and chatted about our business and social enterprise.
Also means we add up how many people we create income for either as a salary or on a contractor basis.... a lot of people.
It is all clearly documented and accounted. Taxes paid.... all true and correct.
And a  lot of people we are responsible for.... some days this can feel like a big worry
Last year an ATM was installed near our workshop.... next is a few kilometres away in Pushkar, if you head out to our home village no banks or ATM or further out to where are people come from no banks or ATM.  Very few of our people have smart phones or Internet access or the level of know how about how to use them.
Paying them in cash makes life easier for them.
We have said to everyone by new year you  need a bank account but in between how do we give money to them?
Oh and now local bank is not opening new accounts they have no time in current emergency. 
As a business our weekly bank withdrawl allowance is higher than savings account people but still only 30% of what we need.
Praveen  spent hours in the bank yesterday. We have an expensive account with a private bank. .. after a lot of complaints he got some cash.... a bag full of 10 rupee notes and by the condition of them they should be withdrawn from circulation. No one accepts notes in this disrepair.
Our account at a government bank - cheaper to operate account like average person uses- we are unable to get money from as they have NO cash at all for many days.... so even when our people do get an account they will not be able to withdraw money.
India is a remarkable place.
We choose to live and work here.
Our work is stimulating to us, creative and satisfying.  The bonus is it also impacts on others in a positive way....
Corruption is rampant this might nip the tiniest amount in the bud but in reality will not cut the greed of government officials who want to be lubricated for any paperwork required.... big business would not have used bank notes to pay for favours.... it all seems a big game and the true reasons not declared.
Sad days for a remarkable place.
This is almost tooooo much to cope with.

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