Friday, January 27, 2017

Back in the fast lane

I hope you can piece together our journey around Ghana from all the pictures from Instagram that pop up... I try to spot the highlights for you.
Obviously there is a lot I miss.... you will find more pictures on our FB page for Creative Arts Safaris and other things you just have to be there. Haha.
I am home and it is crazy again... yet if I take a few moments such lovely memories surface.
The list of wonderful people we met is long.
I was greatly inspired by Ibrahim up towards Bolgatanga. We stayed in his Eco-lodge and learnt about the way he is interacting with his community,  developing market gardening which leads to more nutritional food, bee keeping and job creation at his thatched roof mud houses for guests.
Huge undertaking done with such commitment.
Finally got to meet up with some of the team at Global Mamas another group I have admired from afar for many years.
I realised our tours are so much about fair trade.... why .... well because of the ethics and also generally these places are where the best stuff is to be found. Must be the seasoning it with love. 
Life is as wonderful if you let it be. Open up and embrace new experiences. Support the world you want to live in by making choices that favour it. Be it in your thoughts. Your words or your actions. You might be one small person but the power of your imagination and your dollar is mighty. Vote with it every day.

And now home again and into workshop madness. 
By now you will have noticed our big news. We are part of an exhibition at Mumbai Fashion Week showing our recycled sari garments. Amazing opportunity that was offered to us and so pleased to be lining up with product that ticks the box for fair trade,  social enterprise, sustainable.... you know all the good stuff and I think our stuff is pretty luscious as well... so add esthetically pleasing?
Hmmm some days are amazing.

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