Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bengal tour

Ohh our Bengal trip is drawing to a close.
We have had such a lovely time wandering around Bengal.
Lovely for us because most everything slotted into place AND we had an enthusiastic, appreciative group to share it with.
A few things we learned
-taxes in Bengal are considerable and not quoted when you enquire.... think 6% on alcohol then 21% on soft drink??? Seem strange?  Hotel rooms up 24.7%... really encourages tourism guys!
Still since our visit last year we can see money spent on roads, villages across the state are getting paved paths to relieve mud problems in monsoon time.
Taxes might seem steep but the common man will get some benefit.
- tourist buses in Bengal don't factor in tourist size luggage space, unlike the ones we are used to in the west of India so we had a little red van following us brimful with expanding bags. Haha.
- gamcha is a problem. These bright colourful hand woven checked bath towels are totally addictive. Truly.  So be warned.
We thought we had soothed the urges when at the last minute we were invited to meet a wonderful woman Shoma who uses gamcha to make wonderful garments and homewares.
Back in the throws of addiction in an instant. Even her gorgeous  dog Leo wears gamcha.
- feedback from our guests has been really helpful.... really we just need to change one hotel and we will be good to go again.
Bengal is a beautiful place and it's real treasure is the warmth of her people's welcome first and foremost and then the amazing textiles and crafts.
Hmmm most satisfying.
I know there are many waiting to book in for next year.... impatient emails have been noted. Smiling here.
We'll have it all written up next week. Stay tuned.

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