Friday, March 24, 2017

Never ending story

I must sound like a broken record....
same old, same old....
I hope all the little snippets and lovely pictures show a lot of the lovely colours of our life- there is a lot of sparkle and sunshine.
Behind that has been so many sleepless nights.... mentioned it before a huge order, weaver managed to get the fabric to us within a workable time frame, and then we started sending it off the indigo man... we are onto the second indigo guy and could strangle him.
Both took our order and indicated clearly it would be started on right away and turned around promptly.
The first guy told us a date for first pick up, we rang before sending the car, he said tomorrow just being washed, tomorrow, oh still not ready 2 more days????? Talked to big boss and it had not even started!!!!!!!! and this has been the story ever since, we moved to another indigo guy, explain work was urgent and could he take it and do it straight away?
Yes we were told and now 7 weeks later it is still dribbling out so slowly.
 In total more than 3 months have passed and we are praying to get the last out of people. Our poor client, deadlines shot to pieces. I feel like a liar, every time indigo guy promises tomorrow I pass that along and then it doesn't happen.
Praveen normally very mildly spoken has been on the phone constantly trying to cajole the work out of them, complaining and finally pushing and pushing. Nothing happens.
why take our work and say it can be done when they are so busy it is impossible?
We clearly asked can you do it now? and were told yes can start today.
What a big stresser!!!
and still need to deal with the weaver, the second part of the order was lined up for next season a lovely soft heavy handloom some for our client and some I wanted to do winter jackets in. We had confirmed samples - yummy.
Then two and a half thousand metres arrived completely wrong- hard, less dense weave, just not right and we have been at loggerheads with him ever since... he was loath to admit it is wrong, now sent him some original samples and he concedes well yesssssssssss a little different but why don't we take it anyway.
Grrrrr. We know if he can't sell it he will be bust BUT it is not what we want, not we ordered and it is not soft. We have a local wash guy looking to see if it can be softened up....if so I can see some nice tunics coming.... but not 2500 m worth.
Some days or months!!
Life is busy enough and demanding enough without extra helpings of people not doing what they say they will and trying to tell you big stories.
Oh well onward and upward, it can't get worse we must be on an upward spiral again, please  :)

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