Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sari Yarn Bag

Always on the lookout for recycling our silk saris we have been making stitched sari yarn. Rip it into strips, then connect them up by stitching along them and overlapping the pieces.
It means our two Machine Ladies always have work to carry on with if piecing for our jackets is up to date. Just popped it into our Etsy shop
 In a spare moment or two I made the Old Gold bag for myself ages ago. It is so strong- I can put all the groceries in it- the wide strap means it does not cut into my shoulder....
Only what has happened is that it has stretched out longer. The turquoise one is a brand new one to the same pattern but not yet used and stretched out.

 I do the base in double crotchet so it is tighter and things don't drop our and then got sick of how slow it is so moved on to treble to speed it up.
Handle I make a chain and then do a row of double crotchet into it and next time around I push the crotchet hook through where you would expect it to go and through to the bottom of the stitch to sort of make a roll. Don't know how to explain it but a fiddle and you will have it.
OK just over 400 gm is the average weight of a bag.
use a 9mm hook and get started
1. 20 chain stitch
2. 1 chain to start then double crotchet into each chain stitch
3. make 10 rows
4. you are now going to crotchet around ALL edges of this square.
you are on a corner one chain and then a double crotchet into the end of each of the 10 rows last stitch right in the corner then another into the corner and 1 stitch into each of the 20 stitches of the side...etc 10 at the next end, 20 along the side remembering 2 into each corner
5. continue for 8 rows in total
6. switch to treble stich and do 8 rows,
7. lay bag out in front of you folded in half so you have the long side of 20 stitches up.
8. to make the handles you look at the front and mark the middle 16 stitches- go along in double until you come to the first one, start doing chain stitch, make 36 chain stitch then go back to the double crotchet at the end of the 16 stitch gap.
9. Voila the basis of your handle... go along 14 stitches you should be at  the right place for your handle on the other side of the bag,
make 36 chain start again after a gap of 16 chain spaces.
10. continue around the bag in double crotchet, once around and then for second round of handles do that through top and bottom of stitch to make a roll.

Clear as mud I am sure but it is pretty easy :)

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