Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Going to Oz

Oh my still waiting to hear if we will be granted a visa for Praveen [my husband Kanhaya Lal is his real name, Praveen is his nickname- named after a favourite actor, he does like to be a bit theatrical on occasion! haha]

we put in the application with plenty of time and yet we are still waiting yes or no.
14 years we have been together, I moved to India because that is where we want to live.
We love travelling with Creative Arts Safaris and now our baby The Stitching Project is blossoming, there is no way we would be able to leave it behind and yet in the past every time we have applied for a visa they reject with various themes around they do not think he will return to India.

I sent in a photo of our camel the time before this when we wanted him to come for our biggest son's wedding. I don't think they saw the humour in it.
Hiding in Australia as an illegal immigrant how would we lead tours????

 We have created work for around 75 local woman as well as all our staff in the workshop- we love to be able to do this whilst having the enjoyment of been super creative with our product design. it is hands on work, we need to be in our workshop to do it!! We were invited to be part of Mumbai Fashion Week!!!

So he was interviewed 2 days ago on the phone, very extensive questions, how did we meet, what do we do, what do we have in India, relations with all our various relatives, his kids here we are responsible for, his son Monish who lives with us,  my kids in Oz does he know them?
Lots and lots of questions hopefully we are believed, we love our life here, the only thing we would like to be able to add to it is to be able to visit our family and friends in Oz together as a couple.
So many have visited here over the years but not all can an now we have grandkids starting to pop up it is even more difficult.

 I have not slept in weeks stressing over this and waiting, waiting,, waiting. Going to Delhi and hopefully flying tomorrow if the visa comes through.

wish us luck today.
I am going nuts, never been patient and this is unbelievably painful.

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