Thursday, April 06, 2017

Visiting Australia

I am still in such shock over the visa.
Praveen was interviewed by someone from the consulate for quite some time.
He talked of our Stitching Ladies and the network of people we have around us, the weavers we buy directly from... all the ways we try to spread work in our community.
Our loyal customers all over the world we export our products to...
Our tours are prebooked by many months in advance.... we have people depending on us to get it all together for them to have a wonderful trip.
Praveen was very nervous. He hates being the centre of attention and freezes up when he has to tell our story but the interview was in Hindi and he managed well.
We are not rich but are comfortable. We look after all our people, dream big for them slowly working towards a library.... you know.
We met in 2003. From the moment I landed in India I knew I was home... very weird as I was on a once in a lifetime jaunt. Only.
Next day we met. It was a shock. A big shock. One look and we'd found our One.
I had kids at school in Oz and was a school teacher.
He had a failed marriage, estranged wife and kids and  Mum and various other family members he was responsible for.... and he felt and feels responsible for them.
We were in shock no way either of us had space to be with the other.
Praveen always says Gods will give help.
Well we have never let each other go for a moment and over time all has sorted into place.
I sold my house and moved to India in 2008 by 2011 after much struggle we had our business properly registered as partners.
My family have always been supportive of us as a couple.
Praveen’s have become so over time. The icing on that cake was when we put on his eldest daughter's wedding last year. It was spectacular and WE had congratulations from everyone over a job well done.
We have one son living with us. Typical teenagers you want to strangle every second day but a good kid you love none the less.
Two more kids in Delhi at Uni and the last one finishing high school. They live with their Mum and Grandmother Ma.
Relations are fine between all of us, Praveen and I take the responsibility of their welfare seriously.
There is so much we juggle, we work so hard in our workshop and we do it because we love each other and we love what we can do together as a team and really like we can spread that love around and touch others.

The rejection said that they don't believe he will return to India. After explaining all we do and why, they think we lie and we would chuck it all for him to become an illegal immigrant. 
What would he do hide under a table? Our income is all in India, our home is in India?
What do they think we would do?
If we really wanted to live in Australia after 14 years would we not have applied for me to bring him there as my partner/husband? Through proper channels. Why would they think he would land and run away and hide?
We have travelled to many places over the trouble getting a visa to Europe. We have family in France... anywhere I would consider not coming back from it would be France not Oz. Haha.
I just don't  get it?
It feels like such a negation of all we do with ourselves. We try to do our best.
We are honest. We don't tell lies.

To be told to your face " we think you are a liar" when there is nothing to suggest it is true just pisses me off big time.
Great fall back line immigration take our fee reject us then give the option for us to ask for a review at the cost of a very huge fee.
Got to wonder what is going on.
Anyone know who we should seek advice from for applying to the review tribunal?


Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

I am so very sorry, Fiona. Sometimes life just doesn't make sense. I hope that this can be straightened out so that your husband is able to visit Australia with you and meet your family and friends there.

karen rasi said...

SO unfair! Small minded authorities spouting ingrained rhetoric. It has zero basis in the present situation. Maybe the guy should have signed an affidavit that the extra fee guarantees acceptance. I don't know what to say! You lovely people just want to live and work towards a better future for all. XOXO

Jo Beal said...

Hi Fiona, what an awful situation for you and Praveen. Shocking and unbelievable. Is there anything I/we can do? Write a letter? x

Jo Beal said...

Hi Fiona, what an awful situation for you and Praveen. Shocking and unbelievable. Is there anything I/we can do? Write a letter? x