Thursday, June 15, 2017

Making way for change

You have to let go of some things for new things to enter, this puts you to the test sometimes because you are quite attached to the old things, like out beautiful neem tree.
we have tried to buy somewhere close, not possible at the moment, we have gone around and around how we could expand and keep the tree- just not enough room to make a decent office room with it still in place
we and to bite the bullet and commission the terrible deed of tree chopping.
it is almost gone now
and then
and then
months of topsy turvey- building on the roof so we can move the blockprint room and also expand it,
then the old block room will become a proper cleaning and packing area, our shop will become a finished products storeroom....
The new building will be a nice big office area, I finally have to agree to air conditioning, I know I will appreciate it but it feels like a cop out when everywhere else is under fans BUT every year the computers go completely nuts with the heat and crash and stop synching and it takes so much time, we have lost so many files and it is ssssssooooooooooo stressful.
So I said, "yes dear" to Praveen finally and he is onto it all.
The current office is in the oldest part of our building and the plaster has been falling off for some time so it will be nice to go home without my hair full of sand and dust. After this the machine men room needs re-plastering as well, it has similar problems
This all sounds so fine, and it will be absolutely wonderful when finished but
oh boy
is it going to be fun getting there
We are so busy and need to keep working all through this, sand, dust and more people will be all over the place.
Admittedly I am buffered from a lot of it because organizing things is Praveen's forte, but the noise and dust will be something else.
I am not allowed to think of it loudly because we have to do this and pay for it, but once we finish we will look at putting solar collectors on the other half of our roof-
electricity without having to rely on an unreliable government service or oppressively loud generator. YEH! it is the carrot Praveen is dangling to get me through the building.
He is a clever man- he know when I will start freaking out, we need to keep working.....

Take a look at this - our wrap vest is on the flash girl sitting by the water.
such a different world to where the piece came from- but that is where handmade luxury can travel to.
It is a privilege to be asked, just kind of weird for this little country bumpkin to bump into that world, like Lakme Fashion Week earlier in the year.
I do appreciate the notice and it allows us to do what we love- make nice things and create work for our people and live out here in the sticks.


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