Wednesday, June 07, 2017

work, sweat and more work

That is our life.
We have attracted a number of new people who are the type we really want.
Big yeh!
We are busy and still have a bit of a tricky situation with machine men, got new ones coming to trial, even a mention of women who have worked in workshops in town. Hope so.

We need more space- desperately!
tried to buy next doors place but it fell through, don't want to move completely as we like being tucked into the village and don't want to be in an industrial area....
Praveen had the brilliant idea- that's my husband!- of moving block printing to the roof and then the large block room can become a quality check and packing space- more storage to be built on and room to organize. Storeroom stock can come up there and storeroom down stairs which is impossible to turn around in can be only for materials.
Sounds like a good plan, and now we are fairly much in agreement I want it to happen yesterday!!

Got big goals now
Training, training
we need at least 2 people to be able to do any job from cutting to paperwork well, will keep us moving if someone is away and stop anyone thinking they are the lynchpin of our operation.
we have too many people to look after and need to keep moving forward to be held up by someone who does not want to be a team player.
So keeping an eye on people to see who has what aptitude, whether they can keep going when you are not directly there, will ask questions, are motivated.
You saw young Nandulal- he plugged away at cutting strips for quilts for days- every time I went past the piles were growing and he was working. all done with care and accurate. Got him tagged to learn layout and cutting eventually, then maybe pattern making and grading.
It is so obvious when someone is a slacker and only doing things when you come into view! why do some wonder why they are still only helper and not advancing?
Got to young women started, they have done some textile/ garment manufacturing course.... so far looking promising. We will see.
This makes me so happy to see people embracing things
slowly I can delegate! yippy
There is always much more than I can do myself and to grow we need to be organized, so I need people who can do that.

Tours in India are very flat for 2017- thank you Mr Modi demonetization kicked tourism in the gut.
2018 and our Bengal trip is looking healthier and we still have a few places,
Morocco next year will be huge- yippee. so excited just thinking of it.
and we are planning to have the workshop running like a well oiled system and stay and extra few weeks away and finish off our Bucharest to Budapest Journey.... love research.

Lots of ambition even as I sit under a fan and wait for the rains
happy week to you.

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