Saturday, July 29, 2017

Natural Dyeing Workshop

We want to do a natural dye workshop with Avani, i think it will take us forward to being able to use plant based dyes in our workshop

they need a minimum of 4 people to put on a workshop, there are 2 of us

anyone out there want to join us in early September or early October?

it looks fabulous
 more details email me quick!! we want to go 

 (Tripuradevi, District Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand)
Natural Dyeing Workshop
Day 1
§  Introduction of 6 basic colors,their plant materials and mordents
§  Hank Making of Yarn
§  Indigo vat Making
§  AVANI campus tour
Day 2
§  Kasmi vat Making for black color with Myrobolan
§  Mordenting the hank and drying
§  Field visit to collect and identify dye palnts
Day 3
§  Black dyeing from Myrobolan in existing Kasmi vat
§  Red dyeing from Lac
Day 4
§  Green dyeing
§  Yellow dyeing
§  Brown dyeing
Day 5
§  Self Practice
Ø  Red
Ø  Green and Yellow
Ø  Black
Day 6
§  Dyeing
Ø  Indigo dyeing with new vat
Ø  Black dyeing with new Kasmi vat
Ø  Brown dyeing
§  Conclusion


The nearest railway station is Kathgodam Railway Station. From there, it is a 7 hour taxi ride. You may take a shared cab – INR 350; or a private Alto car – INR 3500.

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