Monday, August 07, 2017

Sitting and stitching

It is a public holiday today and I have the pleasure of hanging around at home and stitching.
It feels like forever since I have had free time.
This khadi jacket- I have a whole bunch of in the workshop and snagged one for me,  and when I have a moment I add a few more stitches.
It is kind of a never ending project and as long as I take the needle out to wear it, I think I will keep stitching when I have the urge.
Making boxes, and little crosses and little dots for some reason is very satisfying.
Just picking up the needle and playing a bit and plonking down stitches where it feels good, no planning is also pleasing.
This one I am doing just for the experience I don't have to plan how can I show my girls, look for ways make it easy for them to imagine it, I can just amble along.

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