Monday, February 19, 2018

Visit our workshop

Welcome to our new workshop....well old workshop now extended.
Indra Madam keep it all clean and tidy. One of these days we will get a name sign.

 as you walk in the entrance hall you will see our new office, space, cupboards and more computer terminals- paperwork is such a huge task!
 from the foot of the office steps up to the machine and cutting room- same place as before but all renovated so the ceiling and walls don't continually crumble down on you. In front is the pressing tables- 2 guys are continually busy on those tables.
 New staris to upstairs... slowly getting greenery in to bring beauty and fresh air to the place.
 Bright and clean machine room. 3 women and  3 men.... 2 new women starting soon. busy, busy
 Manju and Usha working on samples at the moment. This si the space we use when Stitching Ladies come. Manju is training to do the checking and book work associated with the women. Usha is training to be in charge of checking machine work/ quality control. It is an upstairs job but as the day is just starting and no work is pending she is working with Manju on samples.
We have been invited to show our new rang 'Planted'= plant dyed khadi garments at the very prestigious IMC fashion show next month and Manju and Usha are coming with us.
So exciting!!!
First time so far from home and via airplane no less!!
Really can't use enough exclamation marks for that experience.
 Top of the stairs looking into our huge new block print room- it is gorgeous.
 Stairs..... duhhh
 Ladies lunch area, mats are spread at lunch time and we share a meal..... need more pot plants for up here as soon as i have time to go get them.
 Old blockprint room is new checking and packing room and to the side under covers is our shop.
We are dust central so have to be innovative at coping with it.... just 2 minutes and it all opens and
transforms into a shoppers delight! Over behind is the storeroom for finished goods
 Do need to fins our hand stitched sign and sort out the shelves of the shop yet.... nearly there.
 Thread room- where we pack Stitching Ladies work and store our offcuts too good to through for our patchwork ideas
 Old steps down
 Khadi Fabric storeoom- very low at the moment- i like to have it bulging with yummy khadi
 Down stairs in action the other day and some of our new plant dyed khadi hanging around.
Still got to get sinks upstairs in the block room and on the verandah and a proper drying line on the roof but we are so close to all being finished for the moment.
Once we have paid this off we are aiming at a solar set up on the roof.... hopefully next year
and in the meantime have to head home and build up our colour unit.
Busy, busy

and big smiles :)

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Janette Theobald said...

Wow! Gorgeous! Bright and airy and big and modern and oh so different! Congratulations to you all Fiona and Praveen.