Sunday, March 04, 2018


It has been weeks... No maybe months since I have had a moment to sit still and do very little.
Really my body is fairly still but my heart and mind are still racing.
Too many good opportunities happening.
Our space is finished, just a sink in the print room needed when we can catch the plumber.
Staff have been pruned and the ones still here are doing well.
Work has been so busy and generally they have been brilliant.
We need a marketing department.... someone to look after media and an online presence so we can sell work and make more. ... I am spread too thin trying to manage.
Mukesh our office guy handles our Etsy shop selling supplies called Glitz and Pieces quite well.... but really we make a lot of great things that potential clients hardly get to see.
A proper shop and time to promote it woukd be good.
Thinking to work with my girls and train them in what to look for in taking product pictures.... see who has an eye.
There are a million jobs to do in the workshop. Realising a need to define jobs and list exactly what a job entails so the one responsible follows up on ALL details and I don't need to chase around putting out spot fires when a missed detail causes problems. Refining and defining systems and jobs is this month's big focus.

I just want to make pretty things, fairly.... who would have thought I would ever have had to learn so much about running a business and organizing the million and one details to keep it strong.

We've had a big bee in our bonnet about clean and green for ever and it saw us running hither and thither last year learning and spending long days at home experimenting with plant based dyes.
Praveen has really taken to it like a duck to water and is enjoying working the kinks out of upscaling quantities.
It is very satisfying.
We are really touched in the faith of some of our established clients picking up the naturally dyed cloth in a big way in their next season's ranges. No time for tippy toe-ing we have to jump in with two feet and start running!
Nothing like  feedback on a good idea.

Going to have a cup of tea.... read my book.... let my mind pick over job descriptions we need to define....
Hope for someone with enough English to turn up to help with marketing
.... simple things? Ha?

Happy Sunday.... seems spring is not happening this year. Winter left weeks ago...bone dry, to dry for a flush of spring growth even and now full power heat is arriving.
Mulched a bit this morning and chatted to my plants.... miss spending time in my garden been leaving for work too early...
Hopefully can peel back the hours a bit soon.
Fingers crossed.

Stay tuned we have a new season of designs ready.... khadi, plant dyes and hand stitch.... It will be shown at the IMC Fashion Parade in Mumbai on 16th March.... then you'll see it all.
Two of our women Manju and Usha are coming with Praveen and I. All so excited.

Tea time. Bye

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