Thursday, March 08, 2018

Internation Women's Day

People are people the world over... We all have our foibles and most of us could leave more s**t behind, be a little kinder, a little more forgiving, a little less self centred, have a little empathy.
Society certainly has stacked the odds in favour of one of the sexes and the rest of us have had to struggle to balance the picture.
Come visit the developing world.... It is like stepping back in time many of the advances of the developed world have yet to hit
If you are reading this you probably live a long, long way from these backward places and may well think "What can I do?"
What happened in the developed world? As women went to work power slowly changed hands.
Look for fair trade, look for ethical production....
From where we sit we can see slow and steady change especially with our home based Stitching Ladies as over the years their regular work has become a stable component part of the family income.
Living in the village we have noticed a small but obvious increase in people's livelihoods and hand in hand with kids stay longer at school.
Government making more water outlets means women and girls need to spend less time carrying water,  affordable gas for cooking means less long hot hours collecting fuel to cook..... led need to bring girls out of school simply to adds hands to family survival.
A fairer wage for people, looking to pay the value for what you buy so that who made it have a livable income makes a huge difference.
When people have no opportunity to be treated fairly they have to take what they can get to try and feed themselves.... and spiral into debt and hardship.
Choose fair trade
Choose ethical production
Ask questions about anything you purchase is produced.

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