Thursday, March 08, 2018

New Store

We had the lovely Megan Morton visiting with her happy travelers the other day.
Great bunch
very interested in hearing all about us and had a lovely time poking around.
A little shopping happened
a request or two about how to buy TSP on line..... a little embarrassing really as I am so disorganized on that front....

so attempting to put it all to rights.

opened this Shop front

And set my sample assistant the task of rounding up the info we need to list products- idea to make it easy for me to do so.
think the next step is to work with all my Workshop Ladies with training about how to take a nice product picture, style it up, get them ready....
take some pressure off me to do these things and they might come about.
now building is complete we have storeroom space we can make a labelled pile of what is listed so it will all run efficiently.

Need to hassle the courier about procedure for small parcels and i think we will have a system up and running.

Note shop is not ready for sales- would appreciate you poking through it and any feed back on what i have missed, what looks weird etc

supposed to be day off today Festival of Seetla Mata the Goddess of Pox- make a prayer she protects you

bit more office work to do and then home to slouch for the afternoon.

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