Monday, March 26, 2018

training, training and more training...

Just wrote on FB
We make so many lovely things.... even if I do say so myself and training up my team to help me get them onto the internet... things like a wholesale catalogue, shop..... currently trying to move inventory onto tablets not by hand.... big learning curve for the gang, as being comfortable writing lists was a new thing just recently. Proud my guys are getting into it.

If we can crack this it will take such a load off my shoulders and will lead to us being super organized....well I will settle for fairly organized. I am quite pragmatic.

Praveen and I had a very satisfying Sunday- Dyeing all day...he has cracked even colour... was a bit splotchy to start.... we now have a good range of offerings we can repeat easily....
So pleased.
We have an exhibition come sale coming up in May, so a bit crazy working out a few new things to add to the 'Planted' range and getting stock done.

Photos on dolly coming this week of our newest designs.... just making our listings up now.
No rest for the wicked springs to mind but i must say we have both been to tired to be very wicked... satisfied with our progress though

Here is a nice little top I
forgot about but our wonderful volunteers this week have unearthed many things and now we are getting them all documented .
BIG, BIG thanks to Nicole and Heloise for all their help

as usual life goes by in a blur.... but what else would you do with yourself?

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