Saturday, March 31, 2018

Oohh Sunday tomorrow

Planning on lurking in bed as much as I can during the day tomorrow....absolutely exhausted.
There are garden beds to plant and groceries to aquire, it has been weeks since I have gone shopping, luckily we are like dal becuase tonight is a-dal-again event!

Heloise has been with us the last 2 weeks and worked like a trouper, she has been through our whole stock storeroom and made a workable inventory, then she hit the shop and all the corners where things get squirreled away.
It is all on the red tablet and we have started the process of getting Mrs Burka [green] and Mrs Usha [red] up to having their first contact with tablets and computers so inventory updates go directly into the system.
Mrs Usha has been with us for some time and has progressed from being a very quite sample stitching lady to running checking and finishing and making inventory lists.
Mrs Burka started in the kitchen 6 months or so ago- so quite and shy it was hard to get her to sit and eat lunch with the Ladies gang at the workshop, always hiding under her veil, she did quietly whisper a few times she can read and write even in English.
About a month ago we thought why not give her a go?
The change has been remarkable and watching this last week as she and Usha assisted Heloise and got stuck into the shop inventory on paper themselves
well Praveen and I are very proud Mama and Papa Bears.
I know we are a business and all professional here but some things make you puff up with pride and feel all teary. This is such a minute.
The opportunity to give someone a go and then a nudge to get going- be pro-active and see them take it on is just sssssooooooooo good.
Traditional living means you don't instigate much yourself, those older in the house instigate most things, it is a huge step for women coming from that background to say "hey Madam you have to come match threads" "hey Mr... or Mrs on the machine, this is not right, you need to fix it"

WELL DONE to them
Our young Mr Nandu in fabric storeroom has gone on tablet too, he has already been given training last year in computer and is grinning ear to ear to have direct access to a tablet to update. writing lists and then trying to get computer time in the office is so hard these days, they are always busy.

Such a big thank you- with sweets and showers of roses- we really appreciate Heloise inspiring the gang and all the hard work she has put in.

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