Sunday, April 08, 2018

Manic times...

It all started a few weeks ago...maybe a month, time is certainly flying at the moment..... it sparked off a desire I had harboured for some very long time.
A perfectly normal thing for a business to have but something that always seemed a hurdle to big to jump....
Many times started by me and abandoned, side stepped, forgotten, not understood, not cared about and just plain not happening by staff.
Synchronicity, when the time is right things come to fruition....
all that type of thing....
Megan Morton of The School was here, patiently trying to dig info out of me as to what we actually make and where would people find our products. She wanted to make sure her group knew and also they could pass it along to anyone else who might be interested.
Well, my usual line is feel free to rummage, you will find treasures.... I am very remiss about getting it on the web, I have been scratching away at a new catalogue for ages and not making much headway....
A good natured chuckle on her part "Ohh you kind of have an anti-shop shop" was what I needed to hear -to spur me into action.
My fire was lit
and this is where synchronicity came in....Nicole was due in a few days and she described her self as detail crazy, she was happy to start an inventory and sort out our storeroom...then Heloise arrived and she was even more into leaving no stone un-turned in sorting out our storeroom
what a blessing
what a huge blessing
My two girls Burka and Usha, who are responsible for checking and listing orders ready to go put their heads together and worked through all the bits and pieces in our shop and got them listed....
as I mentioned Nandu in fabric is only too keen to use the tablet to update his room
Not to let all this effort go to waste
I have spent the time creating product files [10 grueling hours a day!! listing, photographing and sorting] I am a wreck!
We now have product files on most everything on a google drive clients can access
and whilst I still have a smidgen more to do I am now past half way setting up a Shop and Catalogue.
Take a look
it was just going to be a shop but it is so easy to set up I figured why not make it a catalogue as well....
Website is Ecwid.
I am really happy with it.... if it continues to please I can update to a more expensive option and keep my inventory quantities in there as well.
Means we can more easily handle smaller clients who want some of this and that from us.
Means you out there might have an idea of what we have stashed here! Haha 
We have a courier company coming this week who specialize in cost effective small parcel delivery .... so if it pans out, that will be brilliant.
We have heaps of work at the moment, but there are so many more women around who would like to join our gang we need to increase sales so we can create opportunity....
what a treadmill!

I am so thankful for the nudges and help that has come our way..... creating lists and getting sorted will be a huge weight off my shoulders.
At the same time we have been improving our system for making orders.
It can send you crazy
A clients requests 20 designs - so many in such sizes
some this cloth in that colour, some another cloth in this blockprint with that handstitch..... it goes on and on.
The only way to cope is lists, lists and lists.
every order that comes in gets attacked with coloured highlighters- green for colour making, pink for blockprint, orange for handstitch, a page for cutting, a page for when we need to order more cloth....endless pages and lists to chase so it all comes together and is able to be sent out.
This is where it leads you when you want to make creative clothes...slow clothes done with love and care.
Files for each client, files for each design we make, files with stitch profiles and details on how we did this and that so it can be girls are getting onto the programme and it will one day be easier....
I guess you can hear how manic I have been of late, the hurdle has nearly been passed...only a little more pushing
I am soooooo hopeful.
I have been here since very early and it is Sunday
I am heading home in a minute!! I have had it!!

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