Tuesday, June 19, 2018

To Dye For

It has been on my mind for a while,
and yes, I have also been nudged by thoughtful supporters, friends from far away and no face to face time but plenty of nice little chats via social media-friends, TSP enthusiasts. Glen yours was the final nudge I have been hearing for a while as i scrambled around to get onto this :)

what about some ready to dye blanks for our eco dye /sustainable practice buddies to use?

To Dye For blanks are

  • Fairly traded
  • hand spun, hand woven khadi cloth directly bought from the weaver 
  • washed for shrink
  • assembled here in the workshop with cotton threads
if you are using cold treatments- shrink should be minimal
if you are boiling or pummeling  a lot allow for 6 to 10% shrink

Got a jacket, dress and maybe pants on my mind.
Basically any design we do could be requested actually
Go ahead buy some, and get hubble, bubbling away with you dye pots :)

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