Thursday, June 21, 2018

I need help

My husband would roll his eyes and say "what's new"
but this is different, not just hassling him to do things for me.
The workshop needs someone to look after the Flow of Production
That kind of sounds nice and for the right person it will be a rewarding job, because we have great staff, we make beautiful things and we have a good environment to work in.

Someone who loves to see things through,
loves to check off a list,
enjoys seeing it is ALL checked off.

I can do these things and am satisfied when they are done but can't say I LOVE them.
I LOVE knowing they are done and would really LOVE to have someone else to do them.

SSSSSSooooo I can then better contribute to our workshop, working on design and marketing.
At the moment I have to do far to many administrative things to do to  keep it all moving that I am remiss in the areas where I can really make a difference.
The designing and new ideas I LOVE, telling our story I am happy enough to do so we can keep employing our people and hopefully be able to train and take on more people.

Here is the ad we are just starting to run.
Pass it on if you know someone local it might suit.

Workshop Production Manager/Overseer.
Proven organizational skills
- to organize and oversee production flow in workshop, 
-oversee quality control 
-and timely dispatch of goods.

We are a small design workshop producing quality handcrafted items.

Must have eye for detail and good communication skills in Hindi and English.
  • Occasionally will need to assist office staff writing emails in English.
  • Able to use MS office excel necessary.
  • Assign tasks & appraise results
  • Produce reports & statistics regularly
  • Receive feedback & monitor quality

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