Friday, August 03, 2018

Visa Applications

Hello all,
you might know Praveen and I have been together for a very long time,
we have decided to make our home in India
We spend our time either running tours [Creative Arts Safaris ] that we lead personally and running The Stitching Project
The Stitching Project is a social enterprise and we employ directly approx 100 people, we also interact and purchase from about 6 different khadi weaver family or groups- lots of work created.
We have great staff but it really is a very hands on situation - when we are in the workshop it runs smoothly if we are away too long - we spend a lot of time on the phone helping them along.

Our life is extremely busy and we are very satisfied with it,
the only thing we would like to be able to add in is the occasional visit to Australia as a couple to see kids, grandkids and friends.

As you might also know Praveen has never been granted a visa to visit Australia,
every time we have applied he has been rejected reason stated is they think he will not return to India at the end of the visit.

I wonder why they think we would be happy to hide under a table as illegal immigrants
 when we have worked so hard back at home in India AND if we really wanted to live in Australia we would not just go through the proper channels?

so again we are helping the Australian economy by paying the high visa fees - let us hope that this time is successful.

I wonder if it might help ? if you too write the The Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs- Julie Bishop
and put your two bobs worth in. 
here email  and webform

If you didn't know Praveen is his nickname- pasport name is Kanhaya Lal.
We have a home, a camel, 100 people employed by us and his extensive family. No way we want to be on the run in Australia unable to interact with any of these.

please let the minister know what you know of us, from where ever you are in the world- perhaps with enough attention she might believe that we do intend to return home to India and grant a visa.

little time line to help- you will know where you slot in
either as a guest on our tours, a visitor to our home and workshop or just someone who has followed us and know us for ages
2003 met
Feb 2006 first Creative Arts Safaris Tour
2008- moved to India- Pushkar
started stitching with Ladies 2009
2011 our business Kayef Stitching Project fully registered
2012 bought the little place that is now our lovely big workshop
2016 formalized our relationship by signing on the dotted line. Mr & Mrs :)
2018- still frustrated about visiting OZ

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