Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I was smitten with India from the first breath of Indian air when the door of the plane opened to a foggy, smoky cold night late in December, my first thought was I must be crazy! I felt at home, you know that long sigh you let out when you get home?
And it has been a tempestuous love affair ever since. I have poked my nose into every corner I came across, read, read and read whatever I can find to discover my loves’ secrets and continue to look and wonder until this day.
After my second visit to India [Praveen as well as India was calling me back by then] I was talking with a bunch of women at our local textile guild, I dropped something and as I bent over to retrieve it one of them said “We want to come to India with you, we want to play textiles just like you do.” I was so surprised I fell over on my bottom and had my feet waving in the air! When I look at the moment I see myself like an upside down tortoise wiggling around.
I righted myself, thought as an ex-Steiner/Waldorf teacher and surviving many camping trips with a group of 25 kids and never losing one “How hard can it be?” Creative Arts Safaris started then.
We made many friends on that first trip, these images are from Steve and Anne, who we have gone onto to spending many happy travels with since those days.

xx A

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P.D. Crumbaker said...

Oh, the photos and your writing are making it very tempting to just quit the job and toss caution to the wind. I'm urging myself to be patient. The horoscope says, "Make changes with grace instead of impetuousnues. Your next new life will wait for you." Fortuitous advice, perhaps?