Monday, May 01, 2006

major clean outs

I am having a major sort through and toss out at he moment. I called this blog of daydreams and memories; I believe it is through day dreams or the creative imagination we create our future. We build upon our memories to do this but also need to be ready to consign things of the past to the re-cycling bin when necessary.

As a Steiner/Waldorf teacher I wrote many, many plays, poems, songs and stories for my class- it was my major teaching tool. I wrote them with love for those children, I no longer intend to be a school teacher[ I took a year off 2.5 years ago and have not gone back to it] and it is time to move onto new horizons.

SSSSooooooo I have had a major clean out and put all my notes, diaries and works in the recycling bin.
It was a major wrench but OK- those kids have moved onto other teachers and I have new areas to persue as well. Those works were for that time and those people they have had their life.

I also spent yesterday cutting up some older quilts and recycling them into journal covers.
Some quilts I sell, some I keep as they represent a major learning step for me, and some go off around the world to exhibitions and such or were lousy and went into the yuk pile and then their time comes and they too are recycled.

They sell well and allow me to buy more materials to try out more ideas.

I am considering a way to sell more of my work[ sounds mercenary but I have starving teenagers] perhaps a sales page on my website? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Big changes are underway- but I need to keep breathing and go with the flow- a bit of a mantra some days……

Perhaps covered journal snaps tomorrow

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