Thursday, May 11, 2006

a big weekend

What a big week end and I am still getting over it!

I organized a stall [with a lot of help from some members] for our local textile group at the Tocal Feild Days- 3 days or demonstrations and sales and a fashion parade of creative clothes on the Sunday to top it off.

These 2 lovely ladies sewed and chatted all Sunday to interested members of the public, one never got to put a piece on display because as soon as she finished it - it sold!

Sometimes you wonder why you volunteer to do things- like you are not busy already! but seeing the interest and the number of young ones captivated by some of the work is the answer.

The group may be a contemporaery textile arts group but they are keeping the old traditions and skills live - with modern twists, so few people have these skills these days.....

I go to India and see the work being done to keep traditions alive and can think oh yes- that is important. Home does not seem so exotic but step back and think about it - it is just as important. Taught a workshop in the school holidays to teenagers- cut up and re-vamping clothes. Most had never sewn [ they did not consider what they did at school a useful sewing experience] and were so excited to have a go at things. i have since seen a number of the girls around town proudly using/ wearing what they have made.... some may take up the interest

Got home Sunday to a black out[ i was so exhausted i did not have the energy to cry] and my computer had curled up its toes- very scary. BACK UP, BACK UP , BACK UP ALL FILES that are important. still all fixed now and i can get out to the studio today- finally

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