Friday, May 19, 2006

I should be getting to work

I should be getting out into the shed to start work….but I have been waiting  and building up ideas, now I finally have time-getting started is so hard….. I have to re-establish good working patterns and start.

Creativity like thinking is a muscle- you don’t use it you loose it. As you repeat exercises to keep your body healthy so you need to do with your mind and your creative ‘mind’.

I always notice it when other commitments take over and I loose by rhythm- it takes an effort to get started…
Like ripping myself off this stool and away from my new toy [ a lap top to make my office mobile] and out to the studio….


That was last week… and I am just now launching it.

Today 19 May 2006 [already!]
It is good to have something to do when you find yourself stalling- just to get warmed up.
I am finding these small postcards
Rather good and now the sun has finally started to warm up I can run out to the studio and get back into something more substantial….

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