Sunday, May 28, 2006

busy, busy, busy

I keep forgetting blogger will pop the pictures up top and in the reverse order I post them....

a happy snap from India, the courtyard in front of the Palace at Amber Fort, look at the hills al around this is in the desert Stae of Rajasthan. the landscape is so tough but when you get up close you can feel how fragile as well...the same impression Outback Australia leaves me with.

next is another idea in the series 'there' is 'here' in another location.
Up on the left hand corner are 2 pieces of silk I bought years ago- the funny thing for me is I never buy things to put away in a stash- I don't have one.
I dye what I need as I need it... I was out with a girl friend and bought these 2 pieces because I really felt I needed them, wondering if I was a bit crazy[ I also would not use them in work I intended to sell as I didn't know if they would fade]

Anyway I bought them and put them in a cupboard....

For my tours in India- one of the most difficult aspects is finding participants at the airport in Delhi- it is so busy, so many people- I thought I'll make a banner to hold up... then I remembered this silk I bought years ago[ I was still teaching not thinking of travelling around regularly.... it is just perfect in colour and was originally from India... amazing synchronicity
I'll show you the banner in a while when I get it done.
...doesn't the Universe work in mysterious wasys sometimes....

and last is some silk I have been painting, on my work table- there are elements about the table surface I quite like as well.....

What a week,
I have been busy in the studio- yeh!
Busy trying to sort out details for my up coming trip to Canada and the UK and another tour of India….
Going away for 9 weeks means I have to be super organized carry everything I need with me for teaching and being a tourist…
I have a new laptop to take my office with me and am slowly getting what I need loaded onto it…..
Next year is also needing to be looked at … I have an exhibition in Paducah early on, need to look at shipping the work before I leave for India next year…..

The list goes on and on..
I AM TRYING NOT TO GET STRESSY about it [ that was me talking loudly to myself..] trying to get a full list of all the things that need to be done and I start to panic… did I mention I need to finish renovations on the house so I can get housesitters in- at least that is happening I have found a handyman who can take over the job for me..

To chill out I went and painted some silk to layer into my new works and am out to the studio today as soon as it is light enough….

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