Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh boy, the last few days have been tough,

I am working on some pieces for an exhibition ‘Indian Dreamings’- fine
I am happy with some of my ideas, things were progressing nicely … then had a idea that arose from those- more an examination of elements of the pieces I was making…like a ‘logical’ progression of what had been happening.
Good, but instead of going with the flow I have been trying to stymie it and stick to where I was…and then got stuck on what I ‘should’ do rather than what feels right to do.

Last night I could have cried in frustration, such an unproductive day!
Finally the penny dropped in the night…[ yet another sleepless night I have set myself up for] if I get those new ideas off my chest I know the half finished work will resolve and almost finish itself off.

Great news this morning, friends of mine in England have got study leave and we are going to meet up next January in Udaipur, India to spend time as students in the workshop of a wonderful tie and dye and natural dyes expert.
It will be a wonderful fortnight! I am so excited.

But before then I have much in the studio to do first…

The first photo is of a piece that got me thinking- I like the patterning in the middle of this and started to work on some pieces to break that patterning into its individual components- it seemed like a metaphor for trying to understand this wonderful place I am drawn to India. in trying to understand somewhere new you need to first pick it apart , look at the individual bits and then you will start to gather some understanding of the whole [ or so I hope]

number 3 photo was a test sample to see how the different silks work and the 2 photo is part of a larger piece- didn't quite work yet but I can see where to go...

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Karoda said...

In the 2nd photo I love how the marks move across the light background into the red!