Saturday, June 10, 2006

I like teaching- I get out and meet new people and I always come away learning as much as I hope the participants are feeling like they received.

Last week end was a non felt week end and yet I learnt so much from some of the ladies about felting.

They unraveled the mystreries for me of using the electric sander- scary but wonderful when you get going.

The result is a lot smoother than what I normally achieve so the method will have its place along side all the other ways I attack a felt[ attack sounds pretty rough- I don’t mean aggressive just boots and all]

There are a few snaps to compare the results of either approach….interesting one with purple centre was sanded , the other is my old machine technique- colour didn't come out as well in the snap- but what is important to me is that there is more texture in the surface.... more to drem images into as well....
And just in time to finish off the work for my next exhibition ‘Indian Dreamings’

I have been stuck again and it was feeling more like Indian Nightmare!
I started contemplating a fun piece centered on the God Ganesh- he is the elephant headed guy and known as the Remover of Obstacles and boy do I really appreciate his energy.

The piece is in the washing machine at the moment I will put up his happy snap when it is done….
Nameste and bye….

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