Thursday, June 15, 2006

prices/ Ganesh :remover of obstacles

This is 'Ganesh: Remover of Obstacles" one of thepieces I have started with the new sander method....

I am getting work ready for an exhibition and trying to work out what prices to put on them.

By the time I pay the commission, the framer [ for those to be framed] and cover the materials, run an office with computers etc as a foundation of the business side of being an artist and then finally get to think of something for me to live on it really starts to add up. Oh well that is how it goes….

It is the same with the tours I lead to India.
India is not such an expensive place to visit [ even when you stay in some really nice places]….when pricing the trip I feel clients get good value for money -the one component that I find sticks in my craw is the cost of advertising…I am trying to keep it to a minimum but realizing I need to increase it to let people know about the tours… many expect a polished brochure…it adds a significant amount to the tour costs – I wish I could be using that money in India itself for the betterment of people rather than as a consumable to let people know ….. oh well that is the way of things

What a winge!
I am actually very happy today- the use of the electric sander on my surfaces of felt means I have a lot more control over the imagery and can expand the way I work that up… and the work can be finished off in a much lighter way will which will be good for transporting work to the UK for an exhibition later this year and the USA next year.
Transport another of those huge costs that really put the prices up- oh well be philosophical there girl!
Some pictures on the weekend when I hang the exhibition.

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