Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh India

I have arrived in Delhi- it is like coming home to a disreputable Aunt, I bit rough around the edges but you can't help loving her.

The smell and the noise asre immediately apparent whenh the open the doors.
I have had a great trip so far, met many lovely people and i think started on some friendships i will be able to reconnect with in the future.
It is great having of common interest of things textile and how it brings people together. Many of the people i have met has been via teaching =, the great thing about week end residential workshops is that you hacve time around the edges to chat about everything else as well.

Anyone coming to the Uk with a bit of spare time on their hands I would highly recommend something like a live- in residentail course. most are in old Manor type houses[ huge, charming, amazing] and you get looked after so well, as well as the enjoyment of a course as well.
Very hard on the waist line as they feed you so well with great home cooked English fare[ a million times better than anything you will find in cafe' in the Uk]

A few days to chill [ seems like a funny expression with the warmth here]and catch up with friends in Delhi before I am off on tour. [ I am really looking forward to visiting the same forts and palaces again= everytime i get to see something new and different]

will post heaps of phots when I get home and can hook up my lap top

bye, nameste

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