Tuesday, January 23, 2007

synchronicity or what?

I am leading a Workshop in Paradise in May… sounds good doesn’t it?
It will be at Daku Resort on the island of Vanua Levu, Fiji [ well away from the tensions confined to Suva] www.dakuresort.com

We will spend part of each day in our workshop- stitching and interpreting the locale.
The rest of our time our host Delia has organized lots of things for us to soak up the local culture.

I am really looking forward to visiting the makers of the local Masi cloth[ known in other locals as Tapa] it is made from the inner bark of a mulberry tree.
I have a few samples of the cloth and it is lovely to use a base for textile collage or to print on in a manner similar to local traditions.

We are also going to be indulged with such things as visits to local villages, reef cruise and snorkeling, and visiting a black pearl farm and then have our resort to retreat to and relax [whilst stitching and creating of course!]

I preparation I have been trying to see Masi cloth and gather somewhat of an understanding of its patterns and significance.
There was one or 2 pieces in the museum in Sydney, Musee Quai Brandly in Paris had a small but interesting collection of pieces from across the Pacific and I have just found out Toronto, Canada will have an exhibition “Cloth that grows onTtrees” what more could I ask for?

I am teaching in Canada in a March,… because of my ticket I had to take a stopover of 1 day in Toronto.
No problem but what to do with myself…well the gods were looking after me I have just found out about this exhibition which is just what I want to see for my research!

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