Monday, January 29, 2007

finished at last

Finished at last, I am about to go and post my works Earthskins off to America.

Such a small roll of work you wouldn’t think it took such effort!
Now the pressure is off strain and tiredness is just catching up again and I want to fall asleep all the time!

Detail of last piece to add to the exhibition based on memories of Thailand.

I have had many friends drop in to see what I have been doing [and say goodbye- I am off to India again].
I had a really interesting conversation with friends yesterday- they were asking me about the work around in galleries that really grabs me and why.
What I love to visit the most is some contemporary Aboriginal painters- it is because they really touch my heart.
There is a lot of great stuff around to see and it is made in many different ways.

Some is really clever and they have thought about t a lot, some I think is lead by a different part of the anatomy- the heart.
It is a hard one to explain- but some work really touches the heart, other stimulates the mind as its first point of contact.
Having mentioned the idea of Spiritual art before… I guess it is another way of saying something that touches your heart- it has more of a possibility to lead you into deeper realms. The stuff that is just clever takes you into an intellectual labyrinth but it is a self contained area[ from my experience] whilst stuff that touches your heart doesn’t so contained in the area it can take you to….but I’ll tell you what it seems a lot harder to talk about!

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