Friday, May 25, 2007

textile treasures and fun

arrived home to finish off a project I have been working on with my best friend.
It is a quilt for her daughter's wedding. I have known her daughter since she was a wee small blond bombshell and now she is getting married- boy that makes me feel old.
Dawn [ my friend and I had a lovely day making the felts, and another embroidering little homilies onto the panels and then have been assembling the thing.
lovely to have something from both of us. great fun to play together at this and instil our good wishes into the piece.

this gorgeous little purse was made by one of my students from Canberra.
on the fist day the fabric was one of her samples and then she returned the next day with it transformed into the beautiful purse.
the opening is some type of spring - it came from the Canberra Needlework shop and is a great way to finish off a small purse, but I think it is Heather's embroidery that makes it extra special.
kindly she gave it to me and I am so happy I have been showing everyone my new treasure.... I was really chuffed to receive such a special pressy!!

An amazing thing- if you go to Dijanne Cevaal's site you can see a video of an exhibition in France- look at the April 2007 listing, also enjoy all the other lovely stuff she has.

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