Friday, June 01, 2007

exhibition finished

1 June.

Big day yesterday, delivered my latest exhibition to the gallery.

It was weird working in MY studio when I first got back- it felt so normal… just like I had never been away [ except for all the dust that has built up!]

Here are a few pics, one of many of the pieces before framed and one in a frame.
This is the blurb I wrote for the flyers.

Leaves, leaving- a journal

All places are leaves out of the same book- the Earth

We are all leaves from the same book- humanity

I started with the intention of recoding my travels and found I was contemplating leaving, those things left as much as the actual places I was visiting.

After dropping the pices off I had time for a wee bit of looking in my favourite galleries.
My most favouritest Sydney gallery is Gallery Gondwana . The work they mostly show is indigenous, the artists they show always really come from the heart.
Sometimes you can walk into a show and think tyhis is really clever, or what a great idea.
Here I always first get hit by what a wonderful feeling.
The lady on show at the moment is Mitjili Napanangka- what an example contemporary abstract work- that inistelf is a lesson in colour and movement across the surface.
Knowing she is talking of the land and places special to her you also get an impressions of her experience of these places as she sings the painting into existence.

I would guess she is one lady for whom laughter comes easily.

If you visit the galley, there is a whole heap of galleries opposite in the Depot, Danks St, Waterloo – which always have a few interesting eyefuls and great coffee and lunch at the Wahwah cafĂ© just down the road.

Time at home now, major spring cleaning necessary, office work coming out of my ears but most importantly some time to try out new ideas in the studio- wonderful!

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Carol said...

good luck with the exhibition, the work looks wonderful