Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Imitating headless chickens.

12 June, 2007

I thought getting home would be so relaxing…. But I am still in the mode of so much to do so little time!

I am being creative in a way at the moment- I am sorting out details for a tour to Europe and the UK- similar idea to my Indian ones-

Off the tourist trail as much as I can, hands on, small group to chat to….
It has made my very homesick? Not the right word…nostalgic for some of the wonderful places I have been and I am so looking forward to re-visiting.

I feel like I met people who could become real friends given more time together and locations that had a ring of home about them.

It has been cold, grey and raining here, flooding in fact [ not my house] and at the computer working is resulting in a bit of cabin fever.
Or itchy feet [ an Aussie way of saying I want to go traveling- not that I have some weird foot disease!]

Here a few photos I dug out of places I long to revisit, these and any where warm….perhaps I should look for a cheap flight to visit my son who is working as a chef in Cairns for a few days…nice to day dream

Tonight the local ladies are taking over the fire at the local pub to knit and natter- we were going to call it stitch and bitch but that name is taking and we thought we might scare some of the local blokes! Should be fun.

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