Thursday, June 21, 2007

what to do

15 June, 2007

Talking of exhibition ideas with a friend, felt rather satisfied
then in the evening....
News stories of the horrors in the Middle east/Afghanistan….. my friend in San Francisco addresses war with her artworks, her bombs- what am I doing?
How can I do more? …. I try to convey we are all one, part of one world… but do I / should I being saying things more loudly.

What is happening deeply distresses me- it is part of our entire home… like in our own house our personal behavior sets the ambience of our home.

People across the world are no different to you or I- just different skin tones, hair colours we all deserve a safe place to live.
20 June,
these catalogues came in the mail from Dijanne Cevaal, she has taken an exhibition "Sense of Place- in the spirit of goodwill" to Syria and France.
I think this is a fine example of us each working in out own way for positive change.

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