Tuesday, July 03, 2007

winter skies and work

the sky has been just magnificant, so blue and clear.... and collapsing on the ground with a cup of tea is wonderful

I have been spending time with friends clearing lantana[ it is a noxious weed in Australia, taking over the forest and squeezing out all the native vegetation]

we play with chains and pick axes- might sound kinky, but weirder yet I am loving it.

the chance to get out and do something physical and have aching muscles is so good!

I am in the office or studio all the time- both satisfying places to be but neither really get the blood pumping! here we laugh and joke and sceam as we fall down the steep slopes trying to get the weed out and am making great progress. this is only a job for winter when the snakes are asleep though.... it would be scary in summer.

in the pics the really bright lime green is lantana- it is everywhere!

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