Wednesday, August 08, 2007

a big week end

7 August, 2007

my garden has been silently working away while I was travelling and we have a winter's worth of beautiful sweet pumpkins- our skin is going orange! as everything has pumpkin in it.

Had a great weekend, I was a student in someone else’s class.
This was quiet a novelty as I have rarely ever had the chance to take classes.
The teacher was an English woman Jean Draper, wonderful lady.
The class was a master class focusing on the line and tying it to a journey.
I think that was what caught my eye, and I remember seeing some of her work in England last year, being taken with the surface and texture.
Her subject matter revolves around the landscape, as does mine and I found it most interesting to have the chance of some insight into someone else’s way of seeing.
Her background is in embroidery and her use, love and mastery of stitch drives her work. It was great to hear her talk of her process.

Part of the class was focusing on the participant’s own work and where you need to go with you work and encouragement to get on with it. I have hit a little lull just of late, finished lots of projects and been caught up in the office with my tours but really with art the important thing is to do it, to do it and to keep doing it.
Thank you Jean for reminding me.

The chance to interact with others- get out of the house is always a blessing. I had some wonderful conversations with many in my big week end.

One conversation brought to mind lessons that have kept coming up for me lately. Sometimes you are not quiet sure what you are doing but have a strong feeling of which direction you need to head.

So you need to forget the doubts and head off in that direction AS IF YOU KNEW WHAT YOU ARE DOING and let the Universe [ God, synchronicity…] take care of the details. It all will become obvious in time.

I must admit that is mostly how I work.... I think about what I want to say, how to pick up the mood but have no idea of how it will look and just have to start laying it out and improvizing as I go. mostly OK but some days nerve wracking!

That's life though isn't it?

someone was just asking where I am teaching but they did not leave an email- please go to the Calendar page on my website for the latest of that type of thing... I will be adding a few more venues in San Diego, California soon as well....

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